Mixed Martial Arts and gambling

Mixed Martial Arts, as the name suggests is a combat sport that involves the use of several forms of martial arts in a fighting game of two persons. Mixed Martial Arts can be traced to very old schools of fighting. In recent years, it is not only followed up as a sport but also as a fitness and self-defense art as well as for judi online.


Mixed Martial Arts enjoy a varied history, with the first form being traced to ancient China. The technique of mixed martial arts was first taught 6000 years ago by the Han Chinese and it was called Shuai Jiao. Shuai Jiao was a mix of wrestling and kung fu. It was a combination of kicking, punching, throwing and close range combat techniques to kill enemies on the battlefield. Similar to modern day Mixed Martial Arts, in ancient Greece, a game called Pankration was very popular.

Modern MMA

The Modern MMA techniques are rooted in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Shoot wrestling of Japan. In the 1900s, several forms of mixed style contests were held throughout Europe, Japan, and Thailand. However, the first regulated event can be said to be the one that was held in Mississipi on 23 August 1996 under the regulation of Mississippi Athletic Commission.

Martial Arts used in MMA

Many types of martial art disciplines have been included in the games by fighters. Those worth mentioning are- Boxing, Kickboxing, Jiujitsu, Judo, Catch, Wrestling, Karate, Wushu Sanshou, and Taekwondo. In their quest to get better, fighters who have mastered several disciplines enter into MMA contests.

Major Events

In the beginning, even though MMA was very popular in some countries, it did not have an international following. Later, with tournaments like Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC, Rizin Fighting Federation’s Grand Prix and the Professional Fighters League tournaments gave the games huge popularity.

MMA and gambling

MMA enjoys a rich betting market especially the UFC betting. Judi online bookmakers are plenty for MMA. The most common form of betting in MMA is the money line betting which is to bet on the winning player. Prop bets, on the other hand, have bets placed on other aspects of the fight, like the number of rounds or method of victory bets. All major sports betting websites provide MMA betting today as the market for the game expands.

All in all, the MMA has been an evolving game and is great fun to watch.

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